Artist Statement

The most important in field of my present work is thinking in conceptual level, which is followed up by thinking in concern with architecture or specific space or design. Substance of these projects is work in context by more conjunctions, which sometimes need an interpretation (especially for outsider audience). They are determined by concrete place and it’s history or by the contrast of these phenomenon. It is defined by conditions and also relationship to myself. I think, this is one of the ways, why to deal with art and I point and architecture. I prefer searching for other possibilities of rised situations and places, without connection to something concrete, or perhaps favourite material, techniques, media or affected skills.

As a visual artist and architect I am interested in themes like „life in space“ or „living in architecture“, what I can generaly call as „conditions of survival“. I intend to process the theme exclusively as a non-participating observer and ask questions about city structure, population density… I would like to benefit from the intended residency for the purpose of my new projects related to the issues of urban structures (urban sprawl, shopping, transportation as a lifestyle), impact on human environment and their incidence. (For example: related project for Abandoned Gasoline Station in Slany – 857m2 or performance Good Times Are Over or Sculpture of the Traffic Jam.